"kill yourself" or its a known person on discord.com! | kys#0008
by Rayylol June 7, 2021
The meaning of this golden super, mega, hyper, ultra booty goated meaning of 'kys' is "Kaisaan Yummy Server" which is friend of mine, but he really needs some head
"What in the world did I just witness"
"Kys in a nutshell"
by arthurhopper9 March 22, 2022
The short way of saying kill your self but also det danish word for kiss<3
In Danish: Giv mig et kys
In English: Hey go KYS
by FissefromDenmark February 10, 2017
Kys is an abbrevation of: "Kill yourself" K stands for kill, ys for yourself.
Alex: Hey Mark, your ugly as hell.

Mark: Kys.
by Vlone_thug May 7, 2018
it means kill your self.
if your looking this up then you're probably being bullied
call childline dude.
by hipityhoppo June 8, 2017