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(idiom) Something terrible or vengeful. Used in context of "I will show you Kuzma's mother!" as a threat.

etym. Based on documented historical fact. The Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev once threatened then-ambassador Richard Nixon with this taunt. Unfortunately, the translator did not know of the idiom and literally invited Nixon for a visit to the house of the mother of this Kuzma guy.

The expression is identical to the phrase "kuzka's mother" and is also related to another one of Khrushchev's Cold War threats, "we will bury you".
I got into an argument with my mom and after I'd had enough, I said "I'll show you Kuzma's mother!!" She was like wtf. Then I put a mirror in front of her face. WIN.
by RehabbedMacAddict September 13, 2016
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