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Krzysztof Biernackiwas born June 23 1989 in Poland until he was deported out of the country for being the fattest and cheapest male prostitute. He came to American at the age of 13. Krzysztof aka Kris in a American gave up the trait of prostitution once he came to America. While in America, Kris had learned that many of the services he offered in Poland could offer him more pay here than back in his home country.After his graduation of high school, at Roseville Area High School he groomed himself to become the first male 'escort' for the local construction company he started to work at. It was rumoured to believe that he used his large ferocious dog to practice many a techniques. Not much has been said to why his pup had to suffer, but explains why she is always pissed off.

There has been questions explaining Biernack's flamboyance, starting with his oversized vehicle. Past high school football players from his senior year always questioned why he'd consistently be the last one out of showers, and be so gracious to give team-mates rides home. "He was so pleased to play football, the coaches wondered if all the male-male interactions was safe for the other students", that quote was taken off a player from the 2006-2007 season, "I think he still holds a grudge with because they never updated his defensive stat sheet." Biernacki's intelligence has always been questioned, using the excuse that his grades weren't up to par with other college level athletes to continue to the next level of sports, teachers at the Roseville High School believe Kris should be placed in a more controlled level of monitored education to coexist with the idea that he might have a form of down syndrome. Biernack's performance in school didn't only transcript there, he would sometime be caught miscuing words while in conversation. His drooling was also noticeable in public.

Recently he has been seen in the Twin Cities metro area, working hard on his escorting business. His goal was said to be the first male escort with dual-citizenship while working on his dream of playing professional football. He has said to be in contact with the Chicago Bears, working with his idol, Brian Urlacher. Over the past five months, Urlacher has been sited with Biernacki in his F-250.

For more explaination on Krzystof and his history please communicate with him via phone; 651-558-7701
krzysztof biernacki
fuck that polish bastard, i hear he can eat a car!
by j.diddy24 January 30, 2009
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