a god aweful band. Quite possible the worst thing i have ever heard in my entire life. Its just a bunch of stupid ass whiteboys that rap about weed. How fucking pathetic. They all need to get their fucking asses kicked by G-unit or something. And no i dont like rap, but it would be funny shit for them to turn into pussies in front of some real gangsters. Fuck the Kottonmouth kings.
The Kottonmouth Kings are fucking gay. If you listen to them you are a stupid stoner fuck.
by fuck stoners March 02, 2005
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a horrible Drug driven angry whiteboy rap group. AKA. KockinMouth Kings.
I was so blazed at the KockinMouth Kings concert! fo sho

Kottonmouth kings!
by Bendstraw March 12, 2006
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Group of hardcore stoners who USED to make some kick ass music but the shit they been comin out with lately sucks.
The first 3 albums rocked, when saint dogg was still in the band...now they're trying to sound too hip hop/wiggerish. I no longer buy their albums.
by babybashlova May 09, 2005
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