KMK is the best group out there. they are a bunch of stoners who makes phat shit. Kmk is CARRIED by Johnny Ritcher and D-loc.
by Ritcher October 18, 2003
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12 years of touring under their belts, over 1 million records sold, over 1 million tickets purchased, 685,000 miles traveled, and over 1,600 quality shows delivered.

D-Loc - vocals
Johnny Richter - vocals
Brad "Daddy" X - vocals
DJ Bobby B - turntables
Pakelika - hydro-mechanix / visual assassin
Lou Dog - drums
Taxman - anti hero

An Underground revolution… against all odds and logic and always against the grain the Kottonmouth Kings continue to release ground breaking albums on their own label Suburban Noize Records. With soundscan numbers in the millions and packed houses across the country, Kottonmouth Kings have been laying the foundation of one of today’s most radical music movements in America and beyond. Combining mind-bending sonics, fusing Hip Hop, Punk Rock, and soul-flavored classics, The Kings have innovated and pioneered their own sound that has set them apart from the pack. In a day and age of fast food consumerism, The Kings have proved their lasting staying power redefining the meaning of a self empowered group. They are an institution in the sub-culture of America, running their own clothing company and label that hosts 24 other acts
For most hip-hop acts, being in the game for over a decade is reason enough to feel content. But for Southern California's own Kottonmouth Kings, blending rap and punk rock styles is only the beginning of the story. Releasing ten albums over the past nine years, the Kottonmouth Kings are more than a seven-man hip-hop crew. Kottonmouth Kings “Koast to Koast” their 8th studio full-length release, is due out June 6th on Suburban Noize Records.
KMK is at the epicenter of a constantly growing movement - a subculture of sorts - that brings thousands of fans from all walks of life together for exciting live shows and incredible music that extends further to albums by the 10 to 15 other artists on their highly successful independent label, Suburban Noize Records. "It's an open-minded, loyal fan base," said emcee-producer Brad "Daddy" X, who founded the Kottonmouth Kings in 1994. "They range from people who love hip-hop to punk rock to stoners to hippies to young kids to old kids to girls. It's a diverse, eclectic mix of people, which is what's so beautiful about it. That's further proof that the Kottonmouth Kings break down barriers between people. There are all types of people at a Kottonmouth Kings show, from hippies, punkers, and hip-hoppers. That's what's great about it. You can't really stereotype it. They're just free-thinking individuals."
The Kottonmouth Kings have been working non-stop since the release of Kottonmouth Kings “Kottonmouth Kings” in May 2005. "Every time we do a new album, it's fun to go on tour," Brad X said. "We add new songs to the set and try to take the show to another level. What excites me about it is getting back to the people and bringing the music live to the people that support it and love it and keep us doing this. Kottonmouth Kings is a different breed than everyone else. That's what makes it unique and special. It's a new beginning in a lot of ways and it's a liberating time for our camp. We're able to work at our own pace, make our own decisions and just run with it. It's been an amazing experience cultivating this following. When this is all said and done, the Kottonmouth Kings will live on in the underground for years and years and years to come. So fans who like us now, their kids will be listening to us someday."
1) wow D-loc From KMK is Fine

2) Kottonmouth Kings ROCKS
by Lacey S. June 19, 2008
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A band from Southern California that not many people know about. If you asked 100 peopel maybe 2 would know. They sing about the important things in life:drugs, sex, girls, and the legalization of weed. They send a very postive attitude out to their listeners. Since 1998 they have put out 13 cds and they always have more stuff coming.
Kottonmouth Kings Lyrics:

“we got all types”– At 4-2-0 yeah our clocks is always altered- “we talking pounds” These
anti-hero’s are just here to serve you proper “Roll that shit up” So leave those blessings right
up here upon the alter “pass it around” at 4-2-0 everybody’s burning Ganja”
by Brittany K December 22, 2006
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If this was the last joint, that we ever rolled up tight,
I'd want to be with good friends, underneath that open sky,
Play some mellow music, throw our dreams into the fire,
Release all the demons, and our souls are uprising.

-kottonmouth kings
by spliffster April 17, 2007
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an amazing group that came out of SO CAL ( or south california) The group consists of the members : D-LOC, Richter, Daddy X, Lou Dog, Pakelika, DJ Bobby B. The genre of this awesome group is Psychedelic / Hip Hop / Punk. They are a lot like Tech n9ne, insane clown posse, and cypress hill. I suggest everyone to check out their songs which include: 4-2-0, tangerine sky, bump, and let's fuck.
Boy: Dude I Was listening To KMK yesterday!
Girl: WHO???
Boy:Kottonmouth Kings , you dumb slut!
Girl: I knew that...
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A band that really knows how to entertain.
i cant wait to go to the kmk concert i have been listening to their cd's for three months straight and im still not sick of them!!!
by I dont care how they do it March 05, 2005
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