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Phrase: used to poke fun at Koreans who are being conceited or are conceited.
Origin: Koreans have a lot of pride. The author of this is not Korean and is actually Chinese. Yeah, maybe China is crappy, but they produce the most crap. Maybe Korea did make a lot of companies and crap, but that doesnt give Koreans the right to keep saying "KOREA IS NUMBAH 1" and say crap that they make LG and Samsung like Roy Koo even though i love him. Dont hate, you Koreans know what i'm talking about. Yeah, just give me thumbs down, this definition is only to show you koreans how conceited you all are. China is 6x bigger than your damn country which fought with each other, you call that number 1? fighting with each other? yeah ok, chinese ppl should be saying CHINA IS NUMBER 1 but....we dont? cuz we're too pro for you n00bs. so suck it.
Roy: dude i don't know what phone to get
PandaBoyx: uhhh i dont know either but i have a LG Chocolate
Roy: I think i should get a Korean phone because oh Korea is number 1 they make LG and Samsung, oh man i'm so proud of myself.
PandaBoyx: wow look Kenny, he's doing some korean pride crap.
Kenny Jiang: LOL!! haha i know man, ta ma deh bun han guo ren.
by pandaboyx September 24, 2009
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Pride in being a Korean.

Unlike the top two definitions, every race has something to be proud of and to be ashamed of. Same goes for Koreans. Koreans can have too much pride. But at least we got something to be proud of.

Background history of Korea: We went through it hard, dealing with China and Japan back in medieval times, then Japan from 1910-1945, then the Korean War which turned the whole peninsula into literal garbage. The Korean population turned their country around (the South) and went from a dirt poor country to one of the richest economies in the world in about 50 years. That's something to be proud of. Heck, even the North Koreans are so damn proud while living in poverty LOL
I'm Korean and I love all races, and I do have KP, whether you folks like it or not. Gonna go get me some pho now.
I am Korean and I have Korean Pride to see how far my country has advanced in half a century but you are awesome too.
by choxray January 22, 2011
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