someone who is filthy and a wannabe surfer.
annoying seedy person.
Girl: ahh your so gay
girl2: fcuk you you seedy kook.
by llaaauuuraaa July 22, 2008
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A adjective describing the condition a person is in after hitting really good weed out of a bong, bubbler, or gravity bong.
Friend 1: Hey man, how are you feeling after that hit?

Friend 2: Bro, I'm totally shooby-kooked right now.
by ari gold lives forever February 26, 2009
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Shy, good looking surfer who thinks he’s the shit but can’t talk to a girl in person. This person has friends but none of them Iike him because he’s boring... also why all the girls leave him.....!!!
I know a shy pasty kook who is friends with an Asian nigger.
by pasty fuck July 1, 2018
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