One of the most popular characters of the Danganronpa franchise. He is a young boy who looks to be around 16-18, and is very short with a slim figure. He has purple hair, often allowing people to call him a grape, and wears a white outfit with a checkered scarf, which he is also known for. He calls himself the Ultimate Supreme Leader.

He is basically the living definition of a lie, whereas in the killing game he tells everyone he enjoys the game and that it is fun, when, in reality, he actually really hates the killing game and wants to end it no matter what. His first interraction that is shown is him following around K1-B0, the Ultimate Robot, also known as Kiibo, who Kokichi calls Keeboy and constantly asks him if robots have dicks. Kokichi is then introduced by saying that he has an evil secret organization of over 10,000 members (which is later revealed to be a prankster group of only 10 members) and states that he is a liar and he might have been lying about it. Kokichi also often uses the laugh "Nii-shishi" from the original Japanese version of the game, or "Nee-heehee" from the English version.

Kokichi is often shown with an obsession with Panta, the off-brand version of Fanta used in Danganronpa, because he is shown with a bottle of grape Panta in his promo art. He is also often shipped with Shuichi Saihara from the same game, with almost 3/4 of the fandom shipping them.
Person1: Niishishi~ Hey hey hey guess who I am guess who I am!!

Person2: Your Kokichi...

Person1: I'm Kokichi Ouma, the Ultimate Supreme Leader!! Niishishi!!~

Person2: Yeah yeah we get it, your obsessed with Kokichi, right?

Person1: Maybeeeee!~
by mmstrawberri August 25, 2019
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grape satan child, purple gremlin boy, cute compulsive liar. whatever you call him, he's still adorable and we all love him because he drank grape panta when no one else would.
me: "wow kokichi ouma's so cyute i wish he was real so i could have cuddles with him :3cc"
person: "what the fuck-"
by Battyfoox September 6, 2018
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The spawn of satan. A little adorable purple gremlin. The one responsible for the disappearance of grape panta across the world. The Kokichi.
Kokichi Ouma the ultimate supreme leader. Watch out for him.
by KokichikInnie July 1, 2020
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I kin Kokichi Ouma 👹
by September 14, 2020
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The supreme leader of Russia, an antagonist of V3, why did you google him you simp
by A fax machine December 10, 2020
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The president of Russia.

This idiot grape rat shit is a presidential candidate in the Russian election. Why?

Kokichi's made it onto Russian news. what has life come to.
Person1: Hey who are you voting for this year?

Person2: Didnt you know? The liar grape shit, Kokichi Ouma!
by kanatakonoecansteponme May 8, 2020
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Kokichi Ouma is a character from Danganronpa V3.
The easiest way to describe him is "Oh shit, it's a rat!"
Kokichi Ouma is sexy rat best boy
by Oh shit I'm a rat August 5, 2019
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