The dried up cum on the end of a mans penis.
'I was sucking this guy off and he had so much knob cheese, it was butters'
by bob1327066 April 13, 2009
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The world's premier porno-punk-thrash-love-ballad band. Formed in 1985 and disbanded again shortly afterwards. Wrote the award winning Album A Pile of Shit.

Can also refer to the fragrant twangy under-foreskin cheese-like delicious on a cracker spread.
Christ I enjoyed that bit of Knobcheese. I only wish it were louder.
by Webmaster@jijk.com May 28, 2004
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1. The "release" from a mans Penis.
2. Someone thats not very bright or a complete tool.
3. People who devote there life to "myspace"
dude 1: do you like my clothes?

dude 2: Ha no you look like a fucking knob cheese!
by Josh Skinner November 10, 2007
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The horrible yellow mush found under your foreskin after a numbers of days without washing.
Hey Dave, how did you get on at Glastonbury?

Great time yeah, the only negative is that I didn’t get to shower all weekend and now I’m suffering from a severe case of knob cheese.
by PintOfJizz November 14, 2018
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