The disgusting state of a proper old slappers gusset. Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, the lot.
Fuck me got my end away last night but that dirty old tart had neapolitan knickers.
by prince30 July 31, 2009
Agitated, anxious, in a tizz. British, Strine, and New Zealand. Cf. panties in a knot.
by Octopod November 8, 2003
Result of uncontrollable public horneyness. Literally frothing everywhere.
Gemma: "Mark, thinking about last nights sex is giving me fizzy knickers"
Mark:"well let's have sex again right now?"
Gemma: "definitley. i'm so horney. or we could just go munting?"
by funglejunk November 27, 2009
A woman who is always dressed to attract attention from potential partners/ one nighters. Can also apply to a woman who's great at picking up in a club or wherever she happens to be. Clicky (as in knows what she's doing/ how to get what she wants) and Knickers (referring to the Aus/ Brit slang word for womens underwear).
"She's clicky knickers'' or (as a nick name) ''Hey Clicky Knickers!''..
by ace.ds.original July 28, 2011
1) A brasserie
2) Stockers for your Knockers
3) Cradle for your wonder twins
4) Sanctum for your sweater puppies
Did you hear about Victoria Secrets' new promotion?

No. What is it?

Their new titty knickers line makes your tatas look proper.
by dnkykong00 November 7, 2011
When in the heat of the moment you pull the girls pants to the side, slide in and out until the point of ejaculation.. the cum runs out and covers her pants causing Jizzy Knickers..
As Tom blew up inside of her, he gently whispered in her ear, 'sorry love you guna get jizzy knickers!
by Simsplat June 6, 2011
The kipper's knickers is actually one of a set of nonsense catchphrases from 1920's America. It indicates something excellent, admirable or first-rate - NOT a female who's personal hygeine is in question as posted by iamamanufan on this site.
You think you're the kipper's knickers, don't you?
by The kippers knickers March 9, 2017