masterbate; everytime a guy masterbates god kills a kitten. therefore kitten killing is code so ur substitute teacher doesnt know wat ur talking about ::knows from experience::
marcus has never ever killed a kitten
by krysti and mandy December 05, 2003
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masturbating, usually guys jerking off to pornographic images. a common phrase on
Please forgive me in advance for the one or two kittens that I may be directly responsible for killing after looking at this boobies link.
by tonmeister February 14, 2005
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To kill a kitten is to masterbate. Comes from the slogan, "Every time you masterbate, God kills a kitten"
Yo don't be killin' kittens in there!

Oh man she is too fine. I best go kill a kitten before somethin dreadful happens
by Steve April 11, 2003
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