A game you play with your coworkers where the goal is to place as many random items in the lowered hoodie of an unknowing coworker. To win the game the unknowing coworker must raise his hood over his head getting showered with said items at which point all the other players may shout "KITCHEN SINK!".
Tim " I wish I had brought my hoodie today, damn it's cold in here."

Shawn "You mean like this one?"

by NightSchool April 21, 2018
"Damn, Gina. You must have packed everything but the kitchen sink in your suitcase. You are going to break my back when I carry this shit around for you."
by JTGaustin November 12, 2013
An expression that denotes a political imbalance within the microbiome of a host organism.
"The H. pylori have drafted a referendum in regards to acidifcation of the fundus, and its seems to have broken the kitchen sink. The Escherichia coli are marching on the Rugae this afternoon in protest."
by whole.grains March 31, 2020
An old, outdated, expression that is used to sound fancy, when simply saying "trying everything we can" is too mundane.
by Work Sass February 21, 2019
The sexual act where a man has explosive diarrhea on a womans vagina, followed by a third partner performing cunnilingus on the woman.
She asked me and my wife to come over for Chili Over The Kitchen Sink.
by Dirty Diggler November 21, 2012
"can i shit in your kitchen sink" is a term used for

the request of having hardcore gay furry sex
Erin: Yo wassup bro
Jake: Hey man wassup
Erin: Can i ask you a question
Jake: Sure thing
Erin: can I shit in your kitchen sink
Jake: WTF
Erin: wait you dont know what it means
Jake: Hell no
Erin: Search it up
by Erin Hasho August 10, 2021
While having anal intercourse the act of which one or both testicles end up in your partners vagina.
Got a little to rough last night... we finally played UPS and I delivered a package to the back door. Didn't know it would end with a cat in the kitchen sink.
by freakshowdaddy May 16, 2021