Going limp when you are trying to screw because you are too hungry
Man, I was bangin' this chick, but I got kitchen dick and had to eat a sandwhich before I could finish her off.
by Birdjive September 25, 2007
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an extra, secret appendage whose properties of length, hardness, and thickness depend on one's ability to cook.
"Josh, I love your food. Your kitchen dick is basically huge. It's so hard it knocks the pots right off the stove like a baseball bat, and it's so long sometimes I find it poking around in my soup."
by slappinflappin October 10, 2010
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A phenomenon that occurs to individuals (particularly male individuals) who have a weird obsession for watching The Food Network.
"Randy Marsh got some serious Kitchen Dick in that one episode called "Creme Fraiche"
by jtrier1 January 13, 2014
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Person who is being a dick.
They're so awful that not only are they being a dick, they're cookin' it up nice and hot and dishing it out to the masses.

Originated from the name of a man. His name was Dick Kitchen.
It was too funny to pass up.
by MurrayMLK May 28, 2008
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Like a Soup kitchen, A Dick kitchen is dedicated to the altering and preparing of dicks. Also used to denote that the offendee is in fact a dick.
"Dude, stop being such a dick kitchen."
by roofy November 26, 2004
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