One of the best video games I have ever played. The graphics are awesome, the story line is great, and the villians are bad. Its what got me into FFX. I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 2.
It took me 72 total hours to beat Kingdom Hearts. Three days of my life well spent.
by Justin77MS November 21, 2005
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The Most Kickass Game in disney history it stars Sora, on a quest to find kiari and riku as he teams up with donald duckand Goofy as they fight Disney's Bad Guys
Awesome Game = Kingdom Hearts!
by Seagulls of Satan!!!! August 14, 2008
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A video game for PS2. Combines Square Enix & Disney. Also has Final Fantasy characters like: Leon, Cloud, Arieth, Yufie & much more. in my opinion, the best game in the universe...!! It's about a 14 yr old boy named Sora. He is the keyblade bearer and has to go around on Chip & Dale's gummy ship to other Disney worlds trying to fight heartless. In the second game we meet a group called Organization XIII. Later in the game we find out that OrgXIII is using Sora to take control of kingdom hearts. but at the same time, Malificent, Pete & the heartless are also trying to take control of kingdom hearts. But of corse, the nobodies beat heartless any day, and...well, actually, neither of them win...Sora & all those ppl win...Well any way...in the first game, Sora gets turned into a heartless and, duh, a nobody is formed...tht nobody is Roxas...& the same thing happens to Kairi (Sora's friend & future gf...maybe...even though i dont havva crush of sora & i luv axel, I STILL HATE KAIRI!!!)well any way...Kairi's nobody is Namine...a girl who can control Sora's memories by drawing stuff...
Kingdom Hearts is the BEST game in the WHOLE world!!

my fav quotes:

Sora, Donald & Goofe are in Twilight Town at the station plaza. They just woke up from their long sleep.

Sora: *randomly laughing*
Sora: UR FACE!!!

now, would you really expect that from a video game character?? especially one like Sora??? i didnt!
by Axel_Luv_Addict March 18, 2008
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An amazing video game that will steal your heart ;)
but the 2nd one is better.
person 1: have you played kingdom hearts???

person 2: dude i am a heartless!
by stupid answer December 22, 2011
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An awesome game that proves to people that weird (and most likely queer) disney characters like Donald and Goofy can kick ass!!
Kingdom Hearts rocks but riku is a show offy weirdo.
by Jacob Esnard October 20, 2006
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a Playstation video game franchise that has spawned an unlimited amount of fanfics and fanart, many of them are about Yaoi. The series has one of the worst fanbases in the history of video games that rivals the fanbases of Sonic, Fallout, Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft and many more.
for a more detailed entry of Kingdom hearts read the other ones from every perspective
by Mattian September 03, 2008
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Awesome video game about Sora, a messy ass teenager who starts shit with about every villian on the game when all that shit ain't called for.
Quote from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - "You gotta get through me to get to Hercules!" Trust me boy, Hercules can take care of his damn self! Don't push it!
by Fire Tears February 09, 2005
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