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A game that was revealed at e3 2013 but probably not coming out until 2018, thanks square Enix .
by Turtwigmasta15 December 16, 2015
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A myth that was made up by Square Enix so they could feast on Kingdom Hearts's fanbase's dreams and patience.
Ugh, when is Kingdom Hearts 3 gonna come out? Square Enix is killing me.
by GRASS BEAR July 04, 2018
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A game that many Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for ever since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 in late 2005. Ever since, there has been nothing but spin off games, prequels, sequel prequels, HD Remakes, and right before Kingdom Hearts 3 prequels.

Finally in 2017, Square Enix gets off of their lazy asses to give the fans a release date in 2018. The wait should better be worth it! It's been past ten years since the second game came out after all...
Thank god Kingdom Hearts 3 Is actually real!
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by Tom Nook the Crook August 18, 2017
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