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Kiko is defined as one of the best living menswear designers at the moment. Kiko means anything you want. The best part of it all, he doesn't need to top each collection. They're always different and feel natural to whats happening in his life. We don't expect great Kiko designs, we expect honest designs. And thats what we get.

Kiko is hard to afford and rightfully so, but also worth the pay check even though he would probably recommend not doing that. How far are you willing to get your hands on some Kiko Kostadinov clothing? Huh!?! I want an answer!!!!!

Kiko is the gang in this b, kiko supporters actually understand fashion more so than copy cat designer's followings. Kiko is the designer's designer. Amen. Blessed great designers still exist. But how far are you will to go to become the next Kiko?? Huh?!? you aren't sure?? Well you better find out and do something bout it, pussy.

Shouts out to a regular guy with practiced dedicated skillsets.
Guy: Have you seen that kiko guy's designs?
Guy2: Yeah are talking about 0009? Lets just take those colors and use that detail with the dart and put that in our collection!
Guy1: But thats not honest design?
Guy2: Do you want to make money quick and be in a position like virgil at LV?
Guy1: Ah shit man, I guess so. Lets steal it.
Guy2: (False perception) This is what it takes to become a big dog sonny boy.
Guy1: Absolutely right, lets just take the whole idea honestly and slap out logo on it!
Guy 3: (talks to self) Well thats what a Kiko Kostadinov is ladies and gentlemen, quality design and the name means sick clothing
by Bool Biko Bostadinov August 05, 2018
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