n. a horribly produced CD made to give the children of today a censored verson of all the top hits-- with different singers. I believe most of the singers were picked up off the street somewhere, because none of their voices belong on a CD. Period. See cruel and unusual punishment
"Mommy, mommy, Joey said that my Kidz Bop Tape bleeps out the word f*ck in that Puddle of Mudd song!"
by RogueRising August 13, 2003
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the worst fuckin idea in history of forever whatever dumbass thought that up RLY needs to die or be killed
person #1-"Can you beleive that they have made seven volumes of kidz bop? It's awful man!!!"
person #2-"I know but u gotts let go man"
by me! January 04, 2005
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A series of CD's in which sold a total of 19 copies worldwide.
Guy 1: Hey look, A new Kidz Bop CD!

Guy 2: Fuck my life.
by bloodytampon2 March 28, 2009
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A CD made up of the top 40 hits such as "My Happy Ending", "My Boo", "Let's Get it (Started/Retarded)" & etc. Performed by a bunch of kids with high, whiney voices, ruining the already crappy music, unless they are doing a song such as "Float On" by Modest Mouse. Most of the songs are horribly inapropriate but the children are young and innocent therefore completely ignorant of WHAT they are singing.
For example, "My Happy Ending", written and performed by someone who thinks that simply because he/she can play several chords on a guitar can sing about sk8ter bois, hang out with the guys, wear her pants too low, and flip everone off. She also happens to performe some country. The whiney children sing this song completely oblivious to its lyrics and they put it on the CD and -haha!- everyone buys it so the kids can grow up to shop at abercrombie or Pac Sun.
by evilpyschopenguin February 19, 2005
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A Gay ass CD with kids that sound like broken glass scraped agenced a chalikbord siging modern songs
by baka_kuso_yarou July 10, 2005
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An evil company aiming to terrorize as many innocent white children as possible. This tyranny possesses the minds of suburban soccer moms, forcing them to buy overpriced CDs to play to their kids on the way to soccer practice. By the way, how the fuck do kids agree to be on Kidz Bop videos? I hope they are aware that they'll be jumped and gangraped to death behind a furniture store within days of release. Kidz Bop is the reason why weaboos are under the impression that even their anime music is good. No matter what kind of bullshit you listen to, we can all agree that Kidz Bop deserves to be murdered by a box of flying Legos.
Soccer Mom: Okay my fellow suburban toddlers, let's listen to some Kidz Bop!
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the perfect way to take a good song and uglify the shit out of it. seriously, why dont you just make a "chipmunk" version of it???? i just saw a commercial for the newest CD and heard adam lambert's very good song Whataya Want From Me. WAY TO TOTALLY DESTROY A PERFECT SONG!
justing beiber: so, how good am i at singing?
Person: you sound like you belong on kidz bop!
by your faces moms foots eye July 09, 2010
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