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Child pornography. Can involve kids having sex with each other or a child having sex with an adult.

What Catholic priests whack off to when they're not fucking the altar boys.
There is A LOT of kiddie porn on Kazaa.
by Kevin December 30, 2003
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Pornography involving children. Sick shit. Illegal, but there's a metric assload on LimeWire.
by Mr. Cynic June 02, 2005
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Pornographic material featuring legally under-age participants (relative either to the laws of either the viewer's residence or the place of filming). This term can apply to a home-made sex video produced by an under-age couple as much as it can apply to something featuring and produced by a paedophilic or ephebophilic adult.

Viewers preferring this material are likely to be under-age themselves and seeking erotica of their own age group rather than material which would, for them, be teleiophilic or gerontophilic.
When I was an adolescent, I sought what was labelled as 'kiddie porn' to be gratified by the activity of a couple my own age rather than being a teleiophile.
by Kyle Lees February 08, 2007
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Media slang of the term 'child pornography' to give the impression of innocuous yet filthy material.
Cops found a huge cache of kiddie porn videotapes intended for underground trading and distribution at the home of David Asimov (son of a science fiction author) in California in 1998. David got away with the lenient sentence of a six-month house arrest and three years probation. True story.
by Dirty Harry August 04, 2003
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Slang for child pornography of any kind

Usually refers to child pornography and sex acts (also known as kiddie porn,) which are, of course, illegal in most countries and also considered evil, immoral and perverted by most of Society as a whole

Thankfully, most hardcare child pornography is actually very difficult to find by the common internet or file sharing user as it uses codenames created by paedophiles to share with their files with one another
kiddie porn is slang for child pornography
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1)Low-level pornography, if you can call it that, made for the young audience (kids between the ages 10-15).
Basically, anything that has at least something to do with sex or nudity in material meant for kids: Girls in bikini in computer-games, female-body descriptions in children books, clues for sex in cartoons, movies with "bad language", and anything else that horny pre-teen will seek out, and is still quite "harmless" to their young minds.

2) Pedofilic pornography (you sick fucks).
1) Chuck(11): Wow, look, Eddie, this fighter-chick in the game has real nice boobies!
Eddie(12): Hey you're right Chuck! Better turn it off before mom sees, though.
George(17): Wassup kids, watching your kiddie porn again?
Eddie(12): Why won't you get us some real porn, big brudda?
George(17): Sorry, you're too young for that, little perverts.

2) You want an example? You are sicker than I thought.
by Urban_Fellow January 18, 2007
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n. absolutely completely one of the worst things one can say about anything. 42354 times worse than bullshit.
"The Album 'MC Hammer: Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em" is the biggest bunch of kiddie porn this side of the Mississippi"
by captain utah May 06, 2003
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