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A humbling sub-type of friend zone where a usually older person calls you “kid” after you’ve hit on/flirted with them. This form of rejection is condescending in a way that lets the receiver know that the person thinks you’re not on their level of maturity and thus they are above fucking with you or dating you. May also be reinforced with some act or statement that directly or passively implies they are dominant over you in terms of finances, resources, independence etc.
Jake: Hey, Jenny you’re looking beautiful as always. Would you like to get lunch with me?

Jenny: thanks kid, sure it’ll be my treat and then I can drop you off at your parents house if you want. Ya know since you don’t have a car.

Jake: uh ok..thanks.....wait did I just get kid zoned??? Son of a bitch!
by Ricosuave44 October 08, 2019
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