The first most important thing to a mans dignity. His shoes.
Sweeeeeeet kicks biotch i'm gonna get me a pair.

Those are some sorry ass kicks, my fuckin grandma has sweeeter kicks then that and she be dead.
by Da Big Shizzle March 29, 2005
1. Shoes
2. For fun
1. I need some new kicks for school.
2. We stole the mascot just for kicks.
by Chad Deese November 7, 2003
when something is so awesome that it owns everthing else it comes in contact with.

usually paired with the word ass
by Crimson Scorch May 17, 2005
A word for "shoes, usually athletic ones" that media and advertisers use to make them seem more in-touch with youth culture than they really are.
Next up on "Insider" we'll see why legions of fans are lining up at midnight just for a chance to buy these "kicks."
by freakdog August 13, 2012
Short for 'kick ass'
Dude, that shirt kicks.
by joey j September 16, 2005
footwear, particulary sneakers
Check these new kicks I got at Foot Locker.
by Michael November 6, 2003