An ambitious kick is defined as

A motivation or a sudden start of your ambitions
If it wasn’t for my ambitious kick

I wouldn’t be successful, like today.
by alianesses January 23, 2020
The act of kicking a cat, usually for sport or competition, or if you are an insane person. The quality of the cat kick is measured length, with style or motivation also taken into consideration of the grade of the kick.
Man, I was so bummed that that cat kicking I had was worse than that other cat kicking because they took style into consideration, and he was pretty ecentric.
by pseudonymous-bosch- May 9, 2018
When you’re trying to play with someone on G
J Dog- “Ay bruh I thought you said you were gonna pull up today”

T Dog- “Ay bruh I just wanted to switch it up man”

J Dog- “Bro stop playing wit me I’m tryna kick it goofy
by ibaghotguys August 16, 2021
Keeps something fragile from breaking by setting the soft part of your foot underneath of whatever you drop form breaking.
I dropped my phone so I Hacky Boot Kicked it from landing flat on the ground.
by Hacky Boot Kick April 21, 2021
Is when a female while having sex drops kicks the guy in the throat and punching him in the ass making the pain going to the penis making it feel hard and good
by A. D. B hd November 13, 2018