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A deranged, poorly-planned attempt to seize power; particularly if an election does not turn out in your favor.
Disgraced attorney Rudy Giulianiโ€™s face became drenched in sweat and hair dye as he invented evidence of widespread voter fraud during President Trumpโ€™s clown coup.
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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A beautiful young R/B singer who has a powerful voice and who's word speak the truth about life in her songs.
I got mad love Keyshia Cole. She one of the best new artist there is.
by Chay'Ze July 29, 2006
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Keyshia Cole is beautiful black singer, with strong voice.
Her songs are to attract the younger audience, therefore the simpler lyrical themes.
I loved you boy, but you sleep with others, so I dont love you anymore, I am worth of more ... and so on... and so on (thats what Keyshia Cole advises her fans to do )
by branislav November 22, 2007
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Someone who has managed to become successful in spite of their troublesome background.

The most successful person in a highly dysfunctional family.
If someone who you knew came from a rough life, managed to become successful and a positive influence in society, you would say that they did a Keyshia Cole.

If you feel like your family is always bugging you for money or material goods because they know or think you have the means to do it, you may say that you feel like the Keyshia Cole of your family.
by Ms_Janell March 24, 2008
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She just another person tryin to make it and be big and go after her dream. She is also a gifted person who can who can create new ways of singing. Most of her singing techniques aren't good but she can sing though.
It ain't no example Keyshia Cole just can sing and she is goin to make it big.
by Marquala July 24, 2006
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