A pretty popular girl. Someone who has a big and nice shaped bottom (reer end). Doesn't have too many boyfriends in her life.
Katie: Hey, do i look ok?
Beth: You look Kesha!
by AmazeEnglish5578 December 23, 2016
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The act of blowing your load on some chick and then snapping a photo of it, and posting it on the internet. Similar to the photo that surfaced of the recording artist Kesha in 2010.
Brett: "Oh man, that chick is hot."
Jeff: "Yeah, I would totally Kesha her in the face."
Brett: "High five!"
by luunta July 19, 2010
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(it) a girl who you do NOT bring home to your parents because eventually you will have mini kesha sluts running around when you're only a TEENAGER

1. an alcoholic (not a member in the church of lushotology)
2. a person who brings terrible music to the world
3. someone who will die alone rotting in a deep, dark whole
4. some one who people love giving the finger to ..|..
5. someone who will grow up abused without any love
6. 30 year old who rapes teenage boys
7. a bank robber (hence the $)
person: (yells in big city) hey look! its kesha!
all other people: (look at a piece of dog shit because anything is interesting than kesha)
by kerplunkadookie March 10, 2011
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when you are backed up with poo for a long time and it just droppes out
I have to take a keshapoo.
by jack January 01, 2005
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1: One of the crappiest pop artists of all time. A failure in the music industry

2: Someone who is just a complete fail of a person
EX 1:

Person: Wow, I can't even believe Kesha got a singing contract.

Me: I know, she sounds like shit!
EX 2:
Friend 1: Did you hear about Nikki? She got drunk, snorted cocaine, banged three guys and got an STD all in one night!

Friend 2: Wow, she is such a Kesha!
by Can'tThinkOfAName February 22, 2012
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A dumb donkey that is obsessed with terries. I meant that donkey always tries to use it so bad but only ends up with colon kan.
Kesha, "Dam I wish I didn't want what terrie has, but the truth about donkey is cats feel better ."
via giphy
by Catisaqueen August 12, 2020
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