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Beautiful,loving ,caring boys fall in love wherever she goes ! Jaw dropin !panty dropping! Doesnt care what people think will tell you off when she feels angry or upset ! Is a good girlfriend,wife, mother! If u find a kerri ann you might fall inlove Lesbian or not! Gay or not ! Small or big! But she chooses big
Dayum kerri ann is drop dead gorgouz
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Is a beautiful kind loving girl who loves to have drinks and be called a princess.She also has a lot of makeup to cover her spots
Him hey girl ur pretty

Kerri Ann. Thx u too
by Yx man May 04, 2018
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Kerriann is an interesting one. They’re often more mentally oriented then physically. She has a strong spirit, and can easily read a room. She knows if you’re being fake and makes sure everyone else knows it, too. She can see right through people, and can tell when you’re lying to her. She is also very curious. She’ll often ask questions or just sit around wondering things for a while, staring into blank space in areas like school, or at home. If you know a Kerriann, you know she always speaks her mind and is very loud about her opinion. She also cares a lot about people. More than you could ever know. They’re often very forgiving and empathetic although they don’t let it show on the outside to assert dominance, and make sure they’re taken seriously. They’re also very creative and like to think outside the box, and share their ideas with other people. If you know a Kerriann, make sure to let her know that you care about her because they can sometimes feel that maybe they care too much about other people, and nobody cares about them.
Kerriann is a name so you would use it as a proper noun.
by Kerriann C. October 24, 2018
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