You have two kegs and two teams with an equal amount of members. Tap the kegs, and then whoever finishes their whole keg first wins.
Yes! Did you hear Sean's having a keg race this weekend?!
by Jemegan February 27, 2007
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the most fucking bad ass competition on campus.... you get a group of 15 and fucking chug down a keg as fast as you can you puke ur brains out and then continue... "PUKE AND RALLY!" and if your lucky enough you win... usually in about 30-40 minutes... you get some damn respect fo shoe...
usually a twenty minute puke rule and only in your own trash can
b:dude did you go to keg races?
g:fuck yea and i puked my brains out...
b:yea but who won
g:the sigma epsilon girls of course!
by hshizzle May 27, 2008
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The team that, in reality, has no chance of winning a Keg race. They like to do boring things, not drinking kegs.
Sean: Hey Robbie, I'm on the Keg Race Blue Team for Keg race. We're so awesome!

Robbie: You know that the Blue Team has no real chance of winning.

Sean: I know, I just like to think we do. I wish I was on Black Team

Robbie: Ya... boo ya
by Five Dollars October 12, 2009
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