When you go to pack a little bit of keef from your grinder on top of your bowl and realize there was not as much as you thought. The keef thief could be a.) some grimey bastard at the party you had then night before, or b.) the result of your high ass spilling your keef without realizing it.
Rob: Dude I coulda sworn my keef collection was bigger than this. Fuckin keef thief strikes again.

Alex: Actually your dumbass spilled half of it while you were admiring your stash and didn't realize it. Moron.
by longdongsilverman March 4, 2010
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When you load a bong bowl in the following order.
2.keef layer in the middle
3.more weed on top

This creates a special smoking experience. The bowl can relate to a jr. roast beef sandwich from Arby's. The weed acts as the two buns and the keef is the delicious meat in the middle. The moment you "roast" it, a euphoric feeling overcomes your whole body. It is a mixture of tasting a jr deluxe sandwich and pure love.
"Hey man you got some dank"
"oh i just picked up some fresh doja, i'm about to load a roast keef sandwich, you ready?"
"damn it has been too long since I've had something this dank, I sense that I'll be geeking out very soon, probably grubbin on one of them Arby's sandwiches too"
by rappinNtappin October 3, 2011
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The most amazing person in the world even better than Jesus or God! He is like Travis Pastrana on steriods on Birk Hill jumps! Danny Refers to him as Alan Titchmarsh wanting a pair of second hand shoes. Basically everyone wants to be him coz he's a beast and called KEEFE!
Woah! Who's that!? Oh Its Rickie Keefe! :D
by God on His Laptop July 13, 2011
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Cheif Keef is the first man to ever make music.
He also created the universe
Yo, let's pray for our Lord Cheif Keef/Sosa in church
by Tony404 March 12, 2020
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Extended version of KKK, used to relate to a fat loser not the white supremisist ass holes. Still attending college at the age of 30, an old school conservative with conflicting values about race and sexuality. Will remain a virgin for the rest of his sad life unless rape laws are ammended or abolished. He buys the times every day and clearly just looks at the pictures, as he can "read" the whole thing cover to cover in 10 minutes.

Neil: hey man check out that Keef K9 Kirby Twat

Kevin: Yea Dude hes such a dick hole, check him ou watching the news on his own again

Neil: Well, they should not use so many colourful pictures then.
by Porchmonkeyforlife February 10, 2009
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When you ram your index finger into the pussy violently twice, yelling out " BANG BANG!"
David- Hey how did the date go last night?
Peter- Yeah I Chief keef that pussy, BANG BANG!
by sentaii April 12, 2019
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