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the most beautiful female anyone could ever stumble upon. her beauty is unmatchable and she catches everyones eyes. her smile lights up the room and her eyes sparkle like a star that you can only see once in a lifetime. she is the most amazing spouse anyone could be blessed with. every moment with her is eventful. heaven is locked inside of her lips and every time you kiss her, you get a glimpse of what heaven feels like. she has a lot of friends due to her being a luxurious role model and a big peoples person. every time you talk to her she speaks with a smile that will bring out yours. she is way more than eye candy. she is extremely blessed and indubitably smart and loves to make people happy.
Guy #1: Yoooooooo that young lady is beautiful.
Guy #2: Yea man, she aint no Keana Keane , but she coo too.
Guy #1: Whats a Keana Keane?
Guy #2: Basically it means she's perfect... more than perfect actually.
by Bob Junior September 05, 2017
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