A sub genre of UK drill music created by the rapper and producer ♡Kaashcash♡. It usually has a cute 8-bit melody with cute sound effects through-out the song.
"Let me catch the boys listening to Kawaii Drill."
by willyclonka July 13, 2021
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So basicly kawaii is a term in japanes meaning like cute/pretty/beautiful the ewifu is basicly the weebs who date online and then the dates would be a ewifu so a "kawaii ewifu" is basicly if you let to weeabos date online and play Japanese rpg's then you have a big fucking problem of the man being exsreamly protective of his "kawaii ewifu" who he thinks you really want to date but in reality you see threw her anime pic and see a super ugly fat chick
Billy "hey Bob when are you going to get a life you idiot, break up with you "kawaii ewifu" you seen

Bob "Stand back she is mine your just trying to get me to dump her so you can take her from me go away *whispers Japanese into his mic*
by Dre the grammar god August 29, 2017
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When an Anime girl has a small, white fang that shows off whenever she smiles or yells. Kawaii Fang usally appears on tsudere waifus and lolis. Girls like Natsuki from Doki Doki .Literture Club have a Kawaii Fang
Natsuki's Kawaii Fang is super adorable! This is why she's my waifu
by Binweevils lover69 May 9, 2018
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When an Anime girl, usally a tsundere show off a small fang when she talks/smile, that for some reason is considered to be cute. Also, usally it's the only type of teeth you will see on Anime girls.
Sensible person: "WTF, why does that girl has only one fang in her mouth?! Where is the rest of the teeth?
Weeabo: "it's called Kawaii Fang and it's cute!"
"Sensible person: "what
by Binweevils lover69 May 9, 2018
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A kawaii goose is a goose that acts like it has its own anime. Then it proceeds to make you apart of it.

(Look out for gooses with sparkly eyes and lipstick)
Person 1: "Hey, isn't that..."
Person 2: "A KAWAII GOOSE! RUN!!!"
Kawaii goose: "Come back!!!"
by coolkidthatiscool May 2, 2022
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A remix of anime and hip hop

Music for black weeaboos
Eh mang you hear that new Kawaii hop song

No, that's for weeaboos
by Dank memester December 7, 2015
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when some stupid californian blonde girl has a japanese phase. she usually buys tons of anime and hello kitty merch. she becomes oli london and gets her eyes slitted
did you hear rebecca is a kawaii impersonator. i hope she kills her self
by Zer0sec February 24, 2022
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