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Literal translation from Japanese is "It's cute"
Some one gives you a teddy bear you say "Kawaii desu ne" - meaning "It's cute, isn't it?"
by MysticalNomad January 29, 2009
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A phrase that most Americans with no Japanese cultural learning use to make it look like they know japenese. It is also a trend that Skydoesminecraft started and cause little fans to say over and over again because they think they are cool.
Person 1: look at that vulture eating a carcass.
Person 2: I know its so kawaii desu.
Person 1: do you even know what it means?
person 2:... Nope
person 1: Americans...

Fan: dude that's kawaii desu.
person: did you learn tht from skydoesMinecraft?
Fan: yeah, cuz he's awesome and saying that makes me awesome
person: no it doesn't how can you be cool if Sky does Minecraft isn't cool
Fan: *cries*
by mr.kentendo September 07, 2014
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1. Uses it to describe their favourite anime character.
2. Puts it randomly in a sentence to make themselves look cool.
2. iem a random whacky one wunt sum kawaii desu cukies? :3333
by 1use June 30, 2008
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