Katie is a very fragile girl. She has a habit of building up her emotions] inside and letting them all out when she’s by herself. She shows how she’s feeling but instantly regrets it when people don’t take her seriously. She sees herself in a negative way but everyone knows, she’s the most perfect girls you’ll ever meet. She has those eyes you could stare into forever and the smile to brighten up a whole room. But unlike other girls, it takes a while for her to come out of her comfort zone around other people. It takes a long time for her to trust someone. But other than that, she really fun to be around. Don’t break her heart though because you’ll regret it!!
Katie is so amazing! I don’t see why she’s so uncomfortable around everyone
by a super ordinary girl January 09, 2018
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The most wonderful girl ever. Simply beautiful, smart and crazy all packed into a tiny (and very huggable bundle). This is the girl love songs are about. She's a girl that you should want to date
Oh, look there's katie! I love her so much!
by Dezell17pb January 05, 2018
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Katie’s a great person, but she’s very underappreciated..
by katieeeeer November 27, 2017
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Katies are clumsy. But no matter how many times you have to pick them up off of the floor or pill them out of the snow; you can't help but love the Katie you have. Katies brighten everyone's day with their puns. But knows when to be serious. Katies have good heads on their shoulders and make rational decisions most of the time. Katies can be quite scaredy cats but would never leave you on a trail to die as long as she likes you. If you have a Katie cherish her.
Wow Katie fell in the snow because she couldn't walk straight but I love her anyways
by PunMaker November 12, 2017
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a bisexual bitch
bitch please katie
by manssaaon October 31, 2017
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A HOE that breaks up with the guys she dates like ISAAC and is a heartbreaker.
KATIE :hey Isaac I’m breaking up with you .

ISAAC :ok by bitch you are a HOE any way
by Anihja October 19, 2017
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A Katie is a determined girl who though very intelligent loves to laugh. A Katie will talk to you for hours and will listen to every word you tell her, being sure to give you some input! Katies absolutely can't sit still and have to constantly be doing something. They love shopping, boating, concerts, and hanging out with friends. Katies are very trustworthy even if it's hard to tell at first because the LOVE knowing secrets and will find them all and keep them. Katies are uniquely beautiful even if they don't think so themselves. They are very humble and say that will be single for life even though they hope not! Katies have a hard time finding the perfect guy but once they do there's no one stopping her from talking to him. If Katies ever can't be with that guy they usually don't find another for a long while. Katies have high standards for themselves and their friends. If you impress or catch the eye of a Katie consider yourself lucky because you just made a life long friend. The only flaw in a Katie is communication, Katies easily miscommunicate especially with family, and can hurt them more then she thinks, the only problem in communication with friends is telling them how much fun she had withe someone else. But overall Katies are addictive and hard to be without after you've hung out and talked a few times.
That girl I just talked to must be a Katie because she sure knows how to start a conversation!
by LakeGirlDreams September 16, 2017
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