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The most beautiful girl you will lay eyes upon but she is not only pleasurable to gaze upon but also the most exciting person to be around. I cant remember a day in my life I havent adored her with every fiber of my being. She is the most caring, beautiful, smart, funny, and ticklish person you will ever meet. Commonly referred to as "Princess" or "Kitten" which are terms of affection used by the one closest to her heart. She can easily put a smile on the face of anyone she chooses but thankfully reserves this amazing power for her "Boo" and only him. I absolutely adore this female to the fullest extent of anyone shes the only one for me and the only one i want.

Examples: "Katherine Hart is the most amazing girl Ive ever seen!"
"I know right! Shes the girl of my dreams."
"Yeah its too bad shes dating that Eric guy."
"Atleast he'll do anything to make her happy."
by Your Boo May 26, 2014
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