Super gay Jewish robot that’s sucks lots of pheniz and does to much.
Omg Katharine, I thought you were loyal.
by Real not drunk man November 20, 2018
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A great, amazing girl. She is beautiful inside and out.
Everyone loves Katharine Schassler
I love her to death, I don't know what I would do without her in my life. She is gorgeous, has the best sense of humor and is my life.
I love her to death
Do you know Sally?

Shes a Katharine Schassler!
I love Sally then!

amazing flawless perfection
by theguythatlovesthegirl July 11, 2011
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The runner-up in American Idol's 5th Season. She lost to Taylor Hicks by a fair slim margin. She is noted for her smooth voice, moderate range, sexy outfits, and beautiful face.
Katharine McPhee is the 3rd sexiest female "Idol" star after Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.
by Seano2287 May 27, 2006
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Katharine Schassler is hot

hot sexy awesome
by catdog757485748 July 11, 2011
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A rare and special kind of woman. To "Katharine" is to embody beauty! And a Katubi is a precious gem found only in the hills of a lost land!

Katharine Katubie- A woman with a great distructive force! Capable of destroying any man with a simple rejection! FEAR HER!!!!

Katharine Katubi= Wonder Woman
"When you put on that dress you were all Katharine Katubi"
by F#%Face February 17, 2010
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a girl who has all the confidence, specialty’s are in her sports and her friends. not afraid to beat someone up.
hey look, there goes katharine dorschner she's awesome
by dead by younger sisters October 05, 2020
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a Mary Katharine is someone who can be shy at first, but when she opens up she’s the sexiest, luckiest, and most beautiful girl ever! Not only does she have a unique way of spelling her name, she she is FULL of the best types of unique. She might struggle with real world problems, but she won’t let them show. If she tells you something secret, keep it. that means she trusts you.. and you shouldn’t break it or you’ll have problems.
guy 1: “dude mary katharine is sexy asf
guy 2: “back off she’s mine!”
by usedd;)) January 24, 2019
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