When ur a divorced dad and ur wife (Karen) took the kids

Karen took the kids is aka karen took the fucking kids

Just please don't let this happen to you
You: Hey Babe!
Karen: I'm taking the kids
You: W-wha?
Karen: Goodbye (Ur name)
You: Can I at least see them on Christmas, Karen please!

Friend: What's up man?
You: Karen took the kids.
Friend: Damn...
by Queen_Messo March 8, 2019
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A phrase commonly found in memes implying that someone’s wife claimed the children in a divorce. Often, memes of this subject will have the text “When Karen takes the kids” or something similar followed by a reaction image.
Person 1: What’s wrong, bro?
Person 2: Karen took the kids.
Person 1: Bro, that sucks.
by Idc48374927 October 31, 2019
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Im a male and im now single i was married to this bitch named Karen she took my 3 kids and moved to hawaii and now im living in my own garage cause im too scared to sleep in the house my dick is 3.2 inches and i like to watch furry porn please hmu if u wanna smash my name is Kevin.
Me: Karen please don't go i loved to sniff ur butt cheeks when u are asleep
Karen: Nigga u stole my beans and now im stealing the kids
Me on tinder: Karen took my kids please send nudes
by NiggaStoleMyBeans March 16, 2019
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