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Kaity Baker is a beautiful creature with a hot sauce attitude. She's sweet as a button but sassy as cat shit. Kaity Baker will sing, dance,entertain, help. Kaity baker cares. Kaity baker listens. Kaity Baker talks soooo much. Loves the outdoors. A good mommy. Amazing in bed. Bomb kisser. Great poet/lyrical gifted. Is her fathers twin. Everyone either loves or hates Kaity baker. Easy to be friends with. Smokes entirely too much weed. Hometown girl. Traveler at heart. Namste. Cooking is a Kaity baker thing. You will never see a Kaity baker in jeans. Mostly a Kaity baker can be found sporting a side pony tale. The girl can sleep. Super duper goofy and mostly all the way up on 10 all the time. A Kaity Baker is a good thing to have on call. She's good at most everything.
Kaity Baker is a wild woman.
Kaity cannot be addressed without the baker.
Why would anyone eat a Cheeto out of their belly button or boob crack, or change their clothes just about anywhere & forget where she left them, oh because she's Kaity Baker.
by Tonguetied Travesty March 27, 2017
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