Kaito is a good friend, a friend that will keep secrets to yourself when needed. A Kaito is a person who always has long hair and keeps things hard. A Kaito will always be by your side, even if you stole their robux.
“-wow Kaito, why did you steal my Luminite.”
“-wait, I didn’t steal anything?! Bobux?!”
by Gamerboy29 May 28, 2021
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super fucking amazing bitch everyone is an ass to him but he is cool no matter what and people just dont want to admit it because they are fucking assholes. never mess with a kaito or ur ass will see jesus christ literally. if ur a rocking fantastic person then u must love kaito and be his hoe for ever 😇🤝
person A : Kaito is a fucking loser
person B : …
by kaaai December 3, 2021
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Kaito is a cute loving person with a kind heart he has his times but overall is amazing love you <3
Kaito is cute!!
Kaito is luca’s!
by Luca <3 March 10, 2021
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So cute yo he’s mine tho DONT touch him☺️☺️☺️
Kaito is Luca’s
Kaito loves gummy bears🤍
by Luca <3 February 20, 2021
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Definition of a simp with a friendly attitude but has an unhealthy obsession with hot death note characters
Someone: hi, omg did you hear about the dsmp?

Someone 2: Kaito hates the dsmp bruh shut up
by Lightyqgamiishot November 21, 2021
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absolute hottest guy on earth. I would lick his ass clean idc if hes middle aged.

Hot as fuck, absolute smash, 10/10

I love Kaito so so so so sososososososo much.
Me: I'm really horny for Kaito vocaloid rn.
Anyone: Oh.
Me: Dreaming about that ass.
by RIVERZGAYYY May 9, 2022
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