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A girl who is the best in the world. She fulfills your every dream, and makes you feel all sorts of ways. Mainly good ways. A sexy girl who knows what you like, and wants you to know and get good at what she likes. She has a great sense of humor, and she can turn any conversation into a joke. All around she is literally the best girl in the world. And everyone should know it. If you've found yourself a Kaitlyn Mote, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. Oh, and she's also the biggest dork you'll know. That's another thing that makes her so great.
John: "woah, man! Who is that girl you have with you?! She seems like she's perfect in every way?!"

Connor: "oh yeah, that's just my girl, Kaitlyn Mote, she's pretty great."
by Vortex0254 July 20, 2017
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