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a fake cowboy/cowgirl; they rock their trucker hats, john deere shirts, bigass belt buckles, plaid shirts, cowboy boots, carhartt apparel, and twangy ass accent just a little too hard...and its pretty clear that they aren't country
now i'm not country or anything...but that dude is a k-mart cowboy if i've ever seen one
by doctorkizzle March 06, 2008
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A male who was born in the city by parents that have no ties to the south, has not spent more than a vacation in the south, nor has any southern qualities... Listens to modern country music, but pretends to like the classics. They might hunt and wear camo or flannel but its mostly designer brand. They often drink a lot and then the pretend accent really comes out. Chances are these guys are young and act like they want to fight but always back down.
Look at Jon in his camo hat driving his dodge truck with normal tires blaring Florida Georgia Line... I bet if that pussy ass yankee k mart cowboy threw a punch it would feel like flowers hitting you in the face...
by Ambrose1217 July 28, 2018
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