A group of ass clams on Everquest's seventh hammer server who practice fallatio on eachother.
That Togok retard who formed the Justice Warriors sure is a butt dart.
by Grizlor January 22, 2005
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Fools from the UK whose entire self-worth is derived from their favourite football team. They barely care about their own children half the time, if at all, but will become enraged at the idea of a European Super League. A barely legible regional accent, a football scarf, and the latest £150 Nike Air Max bubble trainers that don't last ten minutes is compulsory. Often seen in the safety of herds of its own species shouting Fuck Off You're Going Down at the opposing team, its fans, old ladies in Lidl car parks, or whoever else walks by them in Butlins/Pontins/Benidorm. Pay attention and you'll see the older fatter ones who are too unfit to cause much trouble egging on the younger more impressionable ones to cause it for them by proxy. If they have a garden garden it is likely covered in rubbish and shredded plastic toys that were chewed to bits by pitbulls. They think the 5G phone network is a government psyop and that university is a myth. More recently they have been spotted standing around outside football stadiums looking upset, holding hand-written signs saying things like, 'i luvs me futball i do', 'i luv futty more than me own kids innit', '5G made me do it', 'im a gud dad me like', 'i wont pay child support but i will pay 700 quid for a limited edition pair of trainers', 'me pitbull george best ate 5 of are kids but as long as man u is still in the premiership im appy like', etc etc.
Chav Justice Warriors often vote torie because they don't like immigrants or foreigners, despite the fact at least half of their favourite football team is non-white.
by AliceInUtero May 02, 2021
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A pejorative term for a South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi) individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation. A Desi Justice Warrior, or DJW, does not necessarily strongly believe all that they say, or even care about the groups they are fighting on behalf of.

In monkey-see-monkey-do style, Desi Justice Warriors follow the steps of their non-Desi counterparts, the infamous Social Justice Warrior.
Non-DJW: A man walks into a bar...

Desi Justice Warrior: You sexist fucking pig, I identify as a bar and the fact you didn't get verbal consent from the bar before you entered it is very triggering. Also, stop oppressing us brown people.
by maleequalist September 13, 2017
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Loud but thin-skinned activist Trump supporter who trolls relentlessly but needs a safe space to protect himself from "unexpected" backlash
Donald Justice Warriors were outraged when /u/spez edited their pedo accusations to aim back at themselves

Haven't you seen how many DJWs want to shutdown news outlets they don't like?
by GenericUsernameLol December 01, 2016
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White people who like to convince their Instagram followers that they care about social issues by posting infographics and shocking headlines, but when it comes to real life they will happily be racist and be a terrible person in general. Also known as SJW's ,not to be confused with activists
So she posted about mental health then bullied someone in real life ? damn what a social justice warrior.
by zTeller.x February 11, 2021
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Someone who gets so easily offended by everything and anything, no matter how big or small, of how real or fake something is. They will do it to give their miserable lives that good feeling of justice and morals.
Ugh I heard this show got cancelled because the CEOs were social justice warriors
by No_Quarter_for_them February 08, 2021
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This term no longer means what it actually means. Social Justice can range from anything from men not working in kitchens to being racist towards white people in classrooms to "avenge African-Americans."
A Social Justice Warrior is just a serial killer who is one or two ticks away from being institutionalized.
by SeriousManMan December 28, 2017
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