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An amazing dance crew from Sydney, Australia. They won 2010 Australia's Got Talent. The crew includes 9 boys named emanuel,lenny,john,paulie,solo,wildrok,taz,samson,scrapy.

These guys are Australia's favourite dance crew, they're amazingly amazing, definetly talented and awsome!
They can sing, and there songs have been a hit.
(songs) "and then we dance" & "friday to sunday".
Person 1: Arn't these guys awsome?
Person 2: No, Justice Crew is WAAAY better!
by BigBieberCrew January 21, 2011
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Australia's best dance crew who were the winners of Australia's Got Talent 2010, and who are also dead set hotties!
Person 1: Did you see those guys dancing on tv last night?
Person 2: Yeah, but Justice Crew can dance way better.
by justiice January 16, 2011
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Justice Crew is a hot young talented dance crew from sydney Australia, they are the best dance crew in Australia and won the 2010 Australia's got talent. The crew includes 8 hot guys, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Lenny Pearce, John Pearce, Paulie Merciadez, Lukas Bellesini "WildRok", Solo Tohi, Samson Smith & Omar Kamara "Scrappy". These guys arnt just dancers they can also sing! they have 3 hot songs so far and will be more hot songs coming soon.

Here are the songs:
1. And then we dance
2. Friday to Sunday
3. Dance with me featuring Flo Rida These guys are the most sweetest guys ever.

and they are touring with Chris Brown F.A.M.E australia tour featuring jessica mauboy,Dj Havana brown and themselves "JUSTICE CREW".

Check them out on Youtube: Justicecrewtele
Please Support Them and Spread "JUSTICE CREW" To the whole world.
Person 1: Ohmygosh did you see that dance crew on tv last night?
Person 2: Who? Justice crew?
Person 1: YES!
Person 1: YESSSSSSS!
by JusticeBtrStack April 18, 2011
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An amazing group of guys that have lived their dream to dance and sing infront of fans. They were the winners of Australias Got Talent 2010. They are full of Supermegafoxyawesomehot!! :D :D Anyone who doesnt know Justice Crew have not lived!!!!

They have released four singles:
And then we dance
Friday to Sunday
Dance with me

Sexy and you know it

Len Pearce
John Pearce
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Paulie Merciadez
Solo Tohi
Samson Smith
Lukas Bellesini
Person 1: Have you heard of Justice Crew?
Person 2: ofcourse who hasnt! they are superstars
by Justicegirl21 October 25, 2011
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justice crew are the most amazing people in the world, they are talented in everyway possible and everyone loves them. they won Australias Got Talent in 2010 and they have gotten even better since they have had a tour, have another tour coming up, toured with chris brown and jannet jackson. these guys are the best dance crew in australia ! and maybe even the world, they are Eman , Paulie, samson, lukas/wildrok, john , lenny , samson , solo and jerome. they inspire everyone and tell them to dream big.they are so amazingly hot too.
person 1 ; hey have you seen justice crew?!
person 2 ; YES!! they are way better then instant buns

person 3 ; JUSTICE CREW FTW!!!
by JCEAZER December 28, 2011
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