Another way or idea of saying no to se-x with guy to just saying me meaning self pleasure which really is the big M-word! There's the Just say me silly campaign Grace and her friends start in their high school Grant high school which is a great idea.I would totally join in on their group if I was a character on the show. I'm all for just saying no to having sex with guys for a while now and just doing the just say me thing which is another way of saying it's self directed pleasure meaning the big M- word.Therefore I'm really not against either one of those things but if I had to because I would join there group.I would swear off guys and I would swear off se-x with guys just for a while.I mean literally there's nothing wrong with giving a break to all the guys and giving the guys a break from the se-x word.I would do that I would definitely give guys a break and giving guys a break from the se-x word.I would just say me for a while to see how it goes and I would just say me for a while to see what happens after a while of doing that.Totally
Just Say Me word

"My boyfriend and I stopped having sex, so now I just say me.
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by Isabella Kr July 12, 2018
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