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A site where university students too afraid of facing the consequences in real life go to:

1.)Be racist.
2.)Talk smack about frats and "GDIs"
3.)Call out the most recent person to piss them off.
4.)Read it because they have nothing better to do.

Christopher: Hey Wuchin did you see that new post I made about the African American in our class on Juicy Campus?

Wuchin: Oh no, let me check.
*five minutes later*
Wow, I'm SO not friends with you anymore. I can't believe how racist you are!

Christopher: Sorry! It was only a joke.. I would never say that to his face.

Wuchin: Exactly.
by TameGamer November 16, 2008
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2 is a vile and disgusting website designed solely to allow college students to anonymously bash and harass their peers without fear of recourse. It is filled with hateful and discriminatory comments and rumors about people's medical information and sexual orientation. It's like the burn book from Mean Girls, only digital and real.
Did you see what they said about her on juicycampus?
by frozenskye October 17, 2008
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1. (noun): gossip website, platform for slander, and plague to intellectuals at colleges everywhere. Created in August 2007 by Matt Ivester, juicycampus allows anyone to post completely anonymously on any college forum, allowing for ignorant, thickheaded, or just plain bitchy students to say the worst things they possibly can about a person with no legal, social, or moral repercussions.

2. (verb): To post something on the website

1. JuicyCampus contributes nothing positive to society. Discuss.

Guy #1: Hey, is that Megan from juicycampus?
Guy #2: Yeah, I read she's such a slut!
Guy #1: Hey, let's go find out if she really does take it up the ass!

Kate: Because of all the shit people posted about me on JuicyCampus, my boyfriend dumped me, my friends won't talk to me, and I'm worried about my future employment oppurtunities! Great job, Matt Ivester!

2. Girl #1: Hey, did you see those girls making out in the corner?
Girl #2: Yeah, it was Jenna and Liz! I'm totally going to juicycampus that shit when I get home!

by marc601 November 09, 2008
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A lame website where stupid college kids can rant about each other, often calling each other "sluts", "whores", or other names.
"That Rachel bitch is such a slut, she sleeps with everyone". - A typical entry on Juicy Campus.
by Monday Afternoon November 10, 2008
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