A person that don't need any type of drug inlcuding alcahol or anything to tell you whats really on his mind and what his problem is... he will not put you down nor bother you unless piss him off but otherwise he wont give a fuck about you and do what he wants to do!
At a pub... (bar)

Juggalo 1:so what you been up 2 man?
Juggalo 2:just chilling dude.

Juggalo 2: dude what the fuck that guy is staring at us...
Juggalo 1: So fuck man ignore him.

Guy+Friends: You pair of weird fuck

Juggalo 1:Shut the fuck up dude...
Juggalo 2:man fuck this shit lets go he is annoying me

Guy+Friends: Yea thats it walk on pussy bitch boys

Depends on the state of mind a juggalo is in what happens next... >:}
by -W|tch-Doct0r- November 29, 2007
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A Juggalo is more than a fan of Psychopathic Records Artist's its more than painting your face, sipping faygo, and swinging a hatchet. Its a state of mind, a different way of looking at the world around you. Every Juggalo is different in their own way, most beileve in The Dark Carnaval, and the majik that brings us together. A Juggalo is what you make it, you being yourself and a REAL person. I've met Juggalos that dont even listen to ICP or Twiztid. But they are themself, they dont give a fuck what you think. They stick to there guns and stand behind their beliefs. Some have tats all over their body as a way to show their devotion to their beilefs. But if you ask Madrox and Monoxide, they have met Juggalos that dont have a stich of merch or a single tattoo, but have some much luv and heart. Juggalos are constantly judged by the media, we've been labeled as serial killaz, loonatics, psychopaths, a gang. All kinds of stupid shit, but the fact is we're a family. We represent the Respect and Unity that the rest of the world should have. If the rest of the world had that Respect and family aspect. Things wouldnt be as fucked up as they are today. Juggalos dont give a fuck about how much money you have, your clothes, you race, where you come from, none of that shit matters. What matters is who you are as a person. Yea some of us may sell drugs, kill people, and beat the shit outta someone. We want peace and unity world wide, violence is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach that, if some people get hurt in the process thats just how it is, fuck em. So many times Juggalos have been hated when they didn't do shit to anybody. We are who we are. People, human beings just like you. Some Juggalos fight amongest eachother about whos down and who isn't. Thats bullshit, if you's a juggalo than your a juggalo in my book. If the music has touched your soul in some positive way than thats all the matters. Its a fucking Family regardless of what the world thinks. Go out and meet some real Juggalos, they are a family. Helping eachother with problems that life throws at you, and doing whatever it takes to survive. Some may sell drugs, but in todays world the all mighty dollar is what matters. If you dont have it you starve, and your ass is homeless. But you family is there to help you no matter what. It makes a complete stranger your brother or sister. I cant think right now I'm high, not all Juggalos do drugs. Anyway you really want to know what it is look into. Find the answer for yourself, and maybe you will see that you are a juggalo.
I was rolling around with my homies son one day, we went to some dudes house for something, I dont remember what for, but I walked up in there, total strangers. But they were Juggalos, They said whats up, we introduced ourself, than after that we were kicking it taking shots, smoking a doobie, and talking about tats. Celebrating some ninjas birthday. Later on seen the same Juggalos at a concert, and we've been homies ever since.
by Frankenstein47 August 13, 2009
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Juggalos are generally teenagers and adults who like the music PSYCHOPATHIC records makes and before i continue let it be known i am a juggalo.....but most of them are either 1.poor or not very wealthy 2.thought mostly a outcast to most people 3.love doing stupid things......there music is meant for them to realize what happens when they die.....to much to put in but it is called the 6 jokers cards....mainly ICP's idea but everyone in psychopathic records is a juggalo....but every jokers card is set with a differint stage of the dark carnival.....im sure u can find the six jokers cards on here.....but all it is meant to show is the belief in christanity and what happens when you die
by JUGGALOFORLIFE June 22, 2010
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I was searching for something and then I found what was right infront of me. It seems like common knowledge to me. A Juggalo is somebody how does unto others as they would want them to do unto them. Not giving a shit what people think about you and keeping going with people just like them having their backs. It's not a gang or common to most belief, it is not a religion. People think it is a religion because of the "Dark Carnival." (The Dark Carnival was dreamed by the ICP member Violent Jay and symbolized us dying and our souls getting gathered up and judged by how we did in this world with some thus interpreted literal or metaphorical meanings) The Dark Carnival simplie shows that we should do unto others in a good way and strive to go into a happy after life. The music may be violent, but that is simply because that is who they are. The Dark Carnival never mentions anything about not hurting or killing. It's a free lifestyle to be yourself. The Dark Carnival just lets you know that there is always consequences to what you do. We will all one day be judged is what it means. Each dream wheather real or not is a message of how to be better and that karma is a bitch but live how you live. Thats what it means to me and most. It is simbalized as the carnival being our world with 'the happy people' looking in at us like freaks, (thus the makeup) Like we don't belong, making us a freak in the carnival. But we rise above it and stick with our freaks and not give a fuck. Juggalos don't worship ICP or anybody, they just go through life not caring what others think, being themselves, and holding a meaning (even if not a literall meaning) to what is said by ICP and other Psychopathic Records artists. You don't see people going out and killing people just cause 50 cent does it do you?.....well......the world is full of nuts lol. I'm a freak and I face it with my fellow freaks. Do unto others, live your life, have each others backs, and hold morals hoping for better. Sounds like something ya'll should try to understand! It's not about breaking rules and being violent and dressing a certain way, it's about being yourself and being excepted by your homies. I did partake in a Fago shower. Which symbolizes washing away the judgement and the old to become anew and excepted. I don't have a religion anymore, I just have a moral standard, and a whole group that knows what it's like to be disliked.
Got morals and down for each other not excepted = Juggalo
by Me being a juggalo July 28, 2009
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sum bad ass peeps dat rok da psychopathic family
MANE im finna go kik it wit muh juggalo fam and go and pick up a faygo and shit
by Southwest_juggla September 03, 2007
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A person that loves Psychopathic Records. They eat, breathe and sleep for the Dark Carnival. They don't really have respect from a lot of people because they show their true individuality. They are what makes the most hated band loved. They are ten times more loyal to the music they love rather than main stream. If ICP, Boondox, Twizted, Blaze, KMK, etc. sucks so bad then why do their tickets sell out? Why does it cost so much to rep their music? Because they are every where you go! People that diss it, love it secretly. Mainstream fans wish they could paint their face and have Juggalo Family! FUCK YOU MAINSTREAM FANS! WHOOP! WHOOP! MUCH MOTHER FUCKIN WICKED CLOWN LOVE! JUGGALETTE FOR LIFE!
Juggalo 1: Eyy, is that a group of juggalos over there?

Juggalo 2: Hell Yeeuhhh, WHOOP! WHOOP!

Group of Juggalos: WHOOP! WHOOP!

All Juggalos: Want to go fuck up some mainstream bitches and have a faygo shower?

Juggalo 2: There goes one now!!!
by ClownLove July 23, 2011
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A juggalo is a fan of Psychopathic Records' artists, like Insane Clown Posse, Boondox, Dark Lotus, Twiztid, ABK, etc. They are honorable people that come from all different backgrounds. They also have an annual gathering called "The Gathering Of The Juggalos" in the USA.
"I was at the Gathering Of The Juggalos and it rocked, I saw so many juggalos there!"
by everyoneisequal August 27, 2011
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