Juggalo/Juggalettes are normal people. They choose to identify their personality as a juggalo or juggalette. It's defined through the music they listen to, they just happen to listen to artists from Psychopathic Records and want people to recognize them for it.
Hi, I listen to Insane Clown Posse and other Psychopathic Artists; I like to refer to myself as a juggalo/juggalette because I want to find people who are too. I am on the honour role, respect teachers, principles and other authority figures, because without them our society will crumble, I will like to pursue a career in government when I finish university. I'm sure there are bad seeds out there but even then nobody is all bad.
by Theresa G April 29, 2008
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The term juggalo was coined after Violent J identified the fans as juggalo's from his alter ego the juggla. It is a common misconception by society that a juggalo is a lowlife or a homosexual. Lettes on the other hand are a newer female version of lo's, are really just girls who, just like juggalos, have been mistreated and abused throughout their lives. While many los and lettes have grown to hate mainstream society for misjudging them, there are still very many who have learned to accept the abuse and ignore the skepticism. It has been commonly and poorly informed to much of society that a lo or lette is uneducated and do nothing to back up what they say, some may refrain from fighting, but that is solely due to respect for the laws that have been laid out against violence in public areas. Commonly viewed as members of a gang or occult obsession, los and lettes are simply people that have found one another through music the whole meaning behind family is that they'll accept anyone who accepts them for who they are. los and lettes often have a very high mistrust or the higher class and a severe hatred for Child Molesters, Racists, and those who view themselves as better than everybody else.

juggalo- Whats up bro, haven't seen you here before.

guy- nada, yeah actually i just moved up here from California, hey by the way what's that on your shirt

Juggalo- oh that, thats a hatchetman y'ever heard of ICP?

guy- yeah but i never listened to em before ive heard they sound like shit.

juggalo- some people think that, i don't much give a damn though, hey tell ya what why don't you come with me an ill introduce you to some of my homies

guy- alright sounds cool
by Dub_Scrub June 11, 2010
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1. A person who is obsessive over The Insane Clown Posse, like me
2. A believer of the Dark Carnival
3. A wrestler that competes in the JCW
4. A person you generaly likes Horrorcore Rap, and drinks Faygo.

Juggalos are hated for reasons not even I understand. Perhaps it's because they think Juggalo's are losers, when they have no Idea of what exactly a juggalo is. For whatever reason, juggalos just dont give a shit about them, so the're happy
Juggalos are one in a kind
by The True Spikes July 12, 2005
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ok so this is a juggalette writing this and we dont care but we do want respect. we are not sad depressed wanting attention kids. we follow a band but not limited to ICP goes further than that we want to have a place in the world like everyone does. we dont eat only ramen noodles and we dont only drink faygo. we dont let the stuff about muder and rape and killing or what ever effect us cuz we dont care. we dont like bigots or rasim cause we are all the same.we want to belong to a group and apparenly hated for it. but if thats the case then we all hate everyone like the preps and the jocks. juggalos and lettes dont care who you are but you respect us we respect you. dont diss us if you dont understand us. and we dont hurt gays we welcome them cause they belong in this world as much as us.
a juggalo/juggalette and a prep both see a guy getting beat up the juggalo/juggalette runs to help the guy the prep sits there and laughs at him and records it. juggalo fights for the guy on the ground helps the guy up and asks the bitch why didnt she help and she reply i cant break a nail.
by Bella hushbizkit May 15, 2008
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The term juggalo and juggalette is a term for those who have pledged themselves to the Dark Carnival. Juggalo refers to male members and juggalette refers to female members. They are fans of the band Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and often another juggalo band such as Dark Lotus. They stick together like a great family and will protect any of their own. Common misconceptions are that EVERYONE of them are/do:

White trash, fat, slutty, will sleep with anything with the right anatomy and a pulse, drink, do pot and/or other assorted drugs, extremely into violence/murder/rape, idiotic to the point of having vegetable IQs, illiterate, and the total scumbags of all society.

Now, pegging an entire group as these things is not realistic. This is due to the fact that this is not a brainwashing cult and each member has their own source of free will. Not every member will be like the above stated, they are simply being their own persons. Doing the above stated is not a requirement for being a juggalo/juggalette so of course not everyone will do it. Just like someone doesn't have to be a juggalo/juggalette to do them. A title does not make them cookie cutter people.
Person: Those freaky icp lovers need to all just go jump off a cliff and die.
Juggalo/Juggalette: I didn't do anything to you! Fuck off!
by Marie503 May 01, 2010
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btw! no lo/lette is better than another for those of you who think they are.. not trying to be disrespectful to any of my fam! even violent j said that we are all equal.. there is no ranking in our fam guys.
btw! for those of you who think treatin ppl that we've never met like fam cuz they are los/lettes is stupid, maybe you should give it a try! your life might be more fulfilling if you treat ppl with respect instead of hating on them! and in our own way we are bringing masses of ppl together who love each other regardless (at least we are spose to.) it's more than we can say of the rest of society who kills each other over petty differences like the kind of lifestyle they live or the music they love or the way they dress! i'm a lette and i accept anyone who accepts me! fam or not! and for the ones in our fam who do things that even most of our fam don't approve of.. well, i don't condone any of the violence or acts of them, but i believe that you are a product of your environment. if someone is hated on their whole life, or lives in a ghetto, or has abusive parents then they are lucky to get out without being at least somewhat messed up! to those ppl, their clown fam is all they got! MMFCL, yall!
person who thinks they are a better lo/lette: i'ma betta lo/lette cuz i gotz tons of merchandise and know all of the lyrics ever written by (enter psychopathic artist here.)
juggalo/juggalette : none of that matters! what matters is your down with the clown and your down for life! that you have a fam you would die for and they would do the same for you! MMFWCL!
by psycholette September 16, 2008
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Term that was used after Insane Clown Posse sang "The Juggla" on stage, and has been used since to describe both their fans and people who follow a lifestyle similar to that of the Juggalo style.
To be a Juggalo/Juggalette is something that as has been said... you have to be one to truly understand. But I'll try to explain for the ignorant people who refuse to open their eyes.

1) You don't HAVE to listen to JUST Insane Clown Posse or other Psychopathic Records artists, we Juggalos and Juggalettes have very wide-ranging tastes. I myself like Alien Ant Farm, Metallica, Sum41, Dimmu Borgir, Guns n' Roses (Their old music), Journey, and Pantera.

2) Yes, we DO consider complete strangers as family just because they like the same music, we see them as both family and friend. I'm sure you country, rap, rock, and pop fans feel the same about your friends as well.

3) No we truly don't give a shit about your lameass opinions because everyone has an opinion and opinions are worth about as much as a pile of horseshit. Why do we react when you make fun of our music? Well shit, if I dissed your piece of shit Jonas Brothers you'd get pissed off too because it's something you like.

4) We accept everybody, do we sometimes put things in our songs that might be better left unsaid like necrophilia? Well it all really depends on the situation because we wouldn't play a song like that at a funeral anyways, the way ignorant haters would like to believe. We DO in fact have feelings and understand when something is or is not ok.

5) Yeah, we do stupid shit... alot. But you see the trouble with trouble is that it starts out as fun. And the trouble with fun is that it gets you in trouble. We get into fights for the same reason anyone does, either because we were provoked or because we have a problem with someone (which we address the problem before said fight) and will resolve the problem the way a black man would if you were to be racist and use the "N word" to him. We don't start fights without a reason and while it may not be the greatest reason, at least we have one.

6) We watch out for our friends and family (blood related, by marriage, by adoption, or our Psychopathic brethren). Just like you would.

MMFWCL = Much Mutha Fuckin' Wicked Clown Love

Lots of support to my Psychopathic family, MMFWCL

P.S. Send me an email if you have any more questions. svenpsyker@hotmail.com
by GotikJuggalo April 01, 2009
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