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An intelligent, productive member of society. Hating juggalos and juggalettes who constantly mooch off of the community but do nothing for us, is a major part of the juggalo hater's life.
Juggalo: "yo. word to yo mutha. mmfcl!"
Juggalo hater: "eat lead you piece of shit!"
by JuggaloH8R December 30, 2009
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A sane, productive member of society who deals with their problems rather than sit around and complain about how the man is keeping them down.

Juggalo Haters tend to have decent taste in music; music with well-thought out, meaningful lyrics and melodies. This typically accompanies positive messages therein. In addition to their superior musical preferences, haters also tend to have well-paying jobs (lawyers, doctors, politicians, ect.) because they decided it would be prudent to do their work in school and apply themselves in life. Haters also typically make it a point to avoid trouble with the law.

Contrary to Juggalos, Juggalo Haters embrace education, intelligence, literacy, and rational thought processes. Haters can also distinguish between a hatchet and a meat cleaver.
Juggalo Hater: Nice meat cleaver, man! I've been looking everywhere for one like that!

Juggalo gets belligerent at this statement and calls his nearby friends to help him jump the hater because everyone knows Juggalos can't fight one-on-one. Juggalo Hater gets badly beaten, hit with meat cleaver, and is left for dead. Hater is a doctor and so he is able to stabilize the wound after the Juggalos leave until help arrives. Juggalo Hater survives and hires a Juggalo Hater lawyer, pressing charges for multiple felonious offenses. Juggalos get sent to prison.

Juggalos: :(

Juggalo Hater: :D

Juggalo Hater goes on to live a full, successful life while the Juggalos rot in prison and become Bubba's new favorite fuckdoll.
by Herpedsohardyouderp April 14, 2011
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A Juggalo hater is a person who does not understand the concept of what it means to belong to a community of people that although mostly related through the music of artists and former artists of the psychopathic record label are family to one another regardless of who it is. Clearly sad and misguided people who do not care for family as much as the juggalos do for random strangers who also belong to the Juggalo family as well as having sad lives and no purpose
The Juggalo hater did not care for his dying sister as he casually walked out of the room leaving her bleeding to death on the floor
by booda44 March 11, 2014
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Properly called prejudice: learned, irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual or a group without just grounds or before sufficient background knowledge.
Juggalo 1: Hey do you want to hang out with Juggalo Hater?
Juggalo 2: No, he's a prejudiced jerk.
by Educated Juggalette August 06, 2012
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a dumb shit retard faggot who sucks cocks all day.every time i see one i punch their teeth out so they can suck dick with their gums.they are commonly known to be worthless piles of animated shit who get ass fucked by horses.any way, clown luv homies WHOOP WHOOP
juggalo haters will get their stomachs cut opened and be hung by their intestines
by infernaljuggalo November 11, 2010
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A Juggalo Hater is someone who has nothing better to do and is somehow bothered by Juggalos/lettes and decides to go out of they're miserable way to type some stupid stereotype on urban dictionary dissing Juggalos. Someone who just can't seem to mind they're own business and has to go hate on a group because they don't like them or some shit I don't know what goes through a hater's head but I don't think I want to.
Juggalo Hater: Juggalos are poor, stupid, illiterate, douches that drop out of high school, follow a cult and drink shitty Faygo.

Me: Is it your goddamn business?

Juggalo Hater: ... no

Me: Let's leave it that way
by WhoopFaygoWhoop April 16, 2011
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a group of misconcepted fuckholes who think they are better than juggalos who actually are wrong because juggalos believe in treating everyone equally so they are wrong and deserve to be shot and stabbed in the face so fuck off you fucktards WHOOP WHOOP!!! JUGGALOS FOR LIFE!!!!!!
juggalo: Whoop Whoop
juggalo hater: go to hell you stupid juggaho
juggalo pulls out hatchet and cuts off head.
by Juggal04l!fe October 06, 2009
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