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v. -To disappear with no reason or explanation.
-To be cut off from a social group/team/family because they are a worthless ass with ugly hair.

Derives from the tv show "Family Matters" in which Judy Winslow mysteriously disappears. No explanation was given, and nobody seemed to really give a shit that she was gone. They just decided she wasn't worth the trouble.
The term "rachel" could also be used to explain someone who also mysteriously disappears and just leaves her kid behind.
Little Girl: "Daddy, howcome all my things are gone and my bedroom is full of your sports memorbilia?"
Father: "Sorry, I just can't deal with your shit anymore, you're being Judy Winslowed."

Boy: "Hey coach, howcome my name is no longer on the roster of the school chess team?"
Coach: "meh, no reason's called being Judy Winslowed, kid, get used to it!
by Judy Winslow May 07, 2006
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