A cheat code for the game Star Wars Battlefront, works on Playstation 2 and PC. It is very simple to enter the cheat code. All you do is create a new profile, and the profile name must be "Jub Jub" (without quotations.) This code will make all infantry you play as in the game very short, they will be the height of Ewoks , the little bearlike creatures from Star Wars Episode VI: A New Hope. They reside on the planet of Endor. You can play this level in the game, and you will see the Ewoks running around. If you play as the Rebel Pilot in while under this profile name, his helmet will be floating in mid-air where his head should actually be. This code will not work while playing online.
Person 1: Dude I was playing Star Wars Battlefront yesterday. I'm getting good at that game.

Person 2: You should try using the Jub Jub cheat, it makes all your characters short. I'll show you how to do it sometime.
by dc5k473r318 March 27, 2010
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A Jardine's Parrot by the name of Jub Jub who does vocals for a death metal band from Pittsburgh called JonBenet Ramsey. Jub Jub is from South Africa.
Did you hear the new JonBenet Ramsey song with Jub Jub chirping on it?
by D.J. February 25, 2004
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a feeling of strong attraction for no particular reason other than boredom or the enjoyment of sex.
His sister isn't hot. I dont want her, but i do jub jub her.
by PandaSandTheAsian November 10, 2007
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"Jubjub" was derived from the English expression "Lovely jubbly". "Jubbly" used alone does not mean the same as 'lovely jubbly'. Generally, jubbly is used to describe someone who has done something stupid, silly, clumsy or immature.

ex. "Gow, you're such a jubbly! I can't believe you've locked us out of the car again!"
ex. "We are definitely lost! Why haven't you stopped for directions? Gaa! When did you turn into such a jubbly?"

However, "jubjub" is a shortened, more affectionate derivative of "jubbly". It is used in an endearing fashion, usually with a loved one or child.
-"Aww, come here my little jubjub. Did you fall down and hurt your knee? Poor baby."

-"Come on jubjub. We're gonna be late!"

-"Love you jubjub"
by Dalaga April 10, 2010
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