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this degrading list that i saw on some talk show that's popular among young men. it's a pointing system having to do with the women (or men) that you fuck. you get points if they're handicapped or a different race or if you knock them up, or if you have anal sex on a one night stand without actually having intercourse.
"I racked up 2 points on the carey list last night. she was older and had a dead arm."

"Judging by the jordan-carey list, i got 8 points for getting Amy pregnant. I'm winning!"
by Karly Bishop October 11, 2007
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A carefully defined pointing system in which men or women compete for the most "points" alloted for sexual conquests. For example, a point is rewarded for a conquest for every 2 years higher/lower than your own. Another for STDs being transmited, some for unwanted pregnancy, ethnicity, overall atractiveness of the woman/man etc.
Feautred in the movie Carrie 2, and now becoming a cultural phenomenon objectifying woman and turning sex into a game, the pointing system is becoming more and more used in North America, with some word of it spreading to Europe (since foreigners are worth points too).
Tony: "Yo, how many points did you score on the Jordan Carey list last night?"
Luc: "4! She was 21, a cripple, black, and from Brazil! She wouldnt let me have a 3-way with her friend though. That would have been 6 more!"
by Jamie Spencer October 11, 2007
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