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born in oxfordshire, england on the 5th of november 1971, jonny greenwood is one of the greatest musicians of all time. he is lead guitarist of the band Radiohead in which his brother, Colin Greenwood, is also a band member.
as well as guitar he plays the organ, xylo, harmonica, synthesizer, piano, recorder and makes sound effects.
he claims Frank Black, Jimmy Smith and Lee Morgan influenced him.
He appeared in Harry potter and the goblet of fire as a band member along with jarvis cocker and bandmate phil selway.
jonny greenwood is one of the greatest guitarist of all time
by jonny greenwood January 30, 2006
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Someone who has an eery talent for creating some of the most beautiful and original sounds/songs out there.

Plays lots of instruments and with a lot of passion (arm brace, anyone?).

A large cog in the Radiohead machine.
You're a right Jonny Greenwood!
Jonny Greenwood is my idol.
by OssettRyan December 02, 2007
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