When you want something so bad that your mouth waters, your tummy hurts and you're brain can't get off of it.
I'm jonesing to see her again.
by I watch people souls November 24, 2021
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Cheating in a lead up to a MMA/sporting event
I Jon Jonesd that win over Guffy. I was so Jon Jonesing in the lead up
by Che Doolers December 28, 2018
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If someone is 'Jonesing', they are incredibly excited for something, sometimes to the point that the wait for this thing is getting on their tits.
'I'm Jonesing (Jones-ing) for this bag of sniff'
'I'm definitely not Jonesing (Jones-ing) for this prostate exam'
by Joneser November 23, 2018
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A deep desire to be someone else. A neighbor who has more or anyone and anything that you perceive to be better. The grass is greener syndrome.
They just bought a new Mustang and I am jonesing to the Jones right now.
by Gidgetagain August 27, 2019
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When do some detective work. I barnaby jonesed his girlfriend
I barnaby jonesed his girlfriend
by Neener09 July 29, 2017
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When a person has a strong desire to check their Facebook page but doesn't have access to a computer, mobile device or the site is blocked, usually at work.

Also called "fajonesing"
You must really be Facebook jonesing right now.
by WingoftheSun April 22, 2011
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