jonas brothers fans or "jb fans" are preppy teenage girls that are in love with the jonas bros Almost all jb fans like the jbs only for their looks and not their music

jb fans come in two different kinds
the first kind is the young group consisting on litte preteen girls that will have a bird if you bash them most jb fans have bad grammer and wirte "shtu da fuxk uppp das jbs rulez"
and they also are little brats they beg and beg their parents for concert tickets and other jb shit

then you have the second group of jb fans the type that could careless if you dont like the jbs and will befriend you and respect your opinon and wont kill you those are the true jb fans
jonas brothers fans
by xXxAshleysluvsAlexilaihoxXx April 22, 2009
A person I come across just about everyday on YouTube. These people are the biggest hypocrites on the face of the earth. They confuse the music industry with the modeling industry, as they don't know that looks have nothing to do with music. They also don't allow opinions.

JB fan: I rspect your opnion! ur just jelous because they're hot and sexey! Sooo, do me a favr and get a life!

Me: Hey, they get money so fast because of their JACKED UP prices for ONE concert ticket! I'm still having working my ass off trying to make 30$/week at McDonalds!

Jonas Brothers Fan: I dont watto kep tlking 2 u. get a life, buh-bye. *BLOCKED*
by TheRandomGuy2008 August 5, 2008
An 11 to 13 year old girl that would put out for the world's shittiest band, constantly thinks others are jelous of them, feels so sorry for nick for having diabetes and put CANCER ribbons on profiles to feel sorry for him.
Also see (Idiot) (Ignorant) (Horny) (Fucktard) etc...
Horny youtube girl: OMG you jelous of jonas bros, OMJ WTF you jelous and stupid, they talented u know, they get girls you jelous, your music is shit compare to JB,I love nick jonas! even though i no meet him in lief, lol xD I <3 Nick bai

Non retard:.....Fuck it, no point in trying to talk to a horny Jonas Brothers fan, you can't get shit through their heads...
by Biteem June 17, 2008
the most annoying raging idiots on this planet. they defend what could quite possibily be the worst band of ALL TIME.
They cant sing, have laughable guitar crap and use the same stupid recycled disney mainstream get the parents money garbage in every song. disney used to be a respectable company- until they sold out to get into the wallets of middle aged parents. They signed miley and the jo bros- i bet walt disney would turn over in his grave if he saw what a money grubbing sham his company has become.
A typical jo bro fan in third person for you: "omg dude yeah like da jo bros so totally hot so totally totally like YEAH. 1 minute later TOTAL"
A guy with a brain: "Shut up you jo bro idiot. Those talentless jokes only wish they had the talent of such a band as Dream Theater. Who you will never hear cause your too busy listening to recycled mainstream garbage!"
`Jo bro idiot walks away`
Jonas Brothers fan noob!
by soldier in the army of metal September 3, 2009
People without neither average IQ nor EQ. Incredibly passionate about screaming and fake music. Surprisingly sentimental and simple-minded. Notoriously lack self-control and logic when challenged.
A Jonas Brothers fan deserves non-disney education!

Jonas Brothers suck, noise, simple-minded, talentless
by MightyPython September 30, 2009
Somebody who is more hated in America than Osama bin Laden. And that's really, really sad.
Jonas Brothers Fan: like, omg, you're just jealous cuz you're not hot like joe jonas. get a life, loser.

me: YOU go get a life. stop oogling at some poser fuck, his band, and its desecration of music. btw, you think purity rings are hot? you must really like chasity belts...
by un-dumbassify yourself, please January 14, 2010
They always say that people are just jealous of them. Actually, I find it quite pathetic that they must slander others to defend a musical group. They have insufficeint vocabulary and intelligence to express an opinion without insulting others.

Real Jonas Brothers Fans' Comments:
(Sorry about length, but I wanted to get the point in. These are 100% REAL.)

you suck the jonas brothers ROCKKKKKK!! and if you dont think so then you are a jelous hater who should get a life! The jonas brothers havent done anything to be hated. so get a life.

You're not serious, right????

all the JB haters are FAGGOTSSSSSSSS. And they REALLY need to get a life

Ouch, that burns.

PS- You kindasortasomewhat just raped the S key right there. What did it ever do to you?


Retard, I've never shown my clothes in any of my videos. Just the shoulders of my shirt.

hello? look at the picture of you in profile icon. um...ew!

It's a UGA (In case you didn't know this, UGA stands for University Of Georgia..Yeahhh. Can you pronounce that for me?) shirt. It's better than a Jonas Brothers Tee.

JonasBrothersfanOMG- it isn't! jonas brothers shirts are amazing. i have tons of them. where are your clothes from? the dump? sure looks like it.
by uberdork July 12, 2008